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Rolling along

14 March 1979
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Player Name: Yukeh
Personal LJ: yukitsu
E-mail: yukitsuyk@yahoo.com
YM: yukitsuyk
AIM: yukitsuyk
MSN: yukitsuyk@yahoo.com
« Spanner »

Name: Spanner
Age: 29
Appearance: Same as canon.

Company: Millefiore & Company
Position: Head of Production

.:: Skills and Abilities ::.

Dear Mr. -------,


It's nice of you to mail me about my protege, Spanner. He's an amazing kid, with an infinite amount of energy to count the number of centimeters needed to create the perfect masthead. When he was 13, I took him under my tutelage after I saw him lugging around a small Adana Printing Press in his wheel barrow. It was a very interesting afternoon in the Hamptons, in their family's garage, talking with him and his father about his odd little hobby of printing his own books to perfection. I found Spanner truly admirable. For a kid his age, Spanner's sense of design and a passion for print are amazing. He has the natural instinct to distinguish borders and whitespaces, that I knew that if I had to leave my design legacy to someone, it would have to be him. So I took him in our design team, teaching him the tricks of the trade in the world of book publishing and printing.

For 14 years, the boy listened to my advice, created lithographs for a hobby, and designed different typefaces for our design team. Occasionally, I'd let him work with me on covers and advertisements, and more often than not, his work would amaze me. I must admit that he's a bit of an eccentric, always cooped up in front of his desk, clicking his mouse, licking his lollipop, and tapping his tablet. But I guarantee you that Spanner is a fine lad, with the heart and the eye for graphic design.

If I had it my way, I wouldn't have let Spanner leave our office. He's really a talented kid and I wanted him to inherit this graphic design school that I've built in my name. However, like a father, I understand that Spanner has so much to learn from the world. I believe the world can teach him more than Gundams and mangas. Maybe you can teach him these valuable lessons?

I can assure you that you are getting the best if you hire Spanner as your printer. I have no doubt in his ability to design and print the perfect book or magazine for your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to call my desk. I'd be happy to talk to you all about my protege. He was like a son to me after all. I have nothing but the best recommendation for him.


Chipp Kidd.

.:: History ::.

Spanner was raised and trained by the legendary Chipp Kidd in the arts of typography, graphic design, printing, and many other things. Naturally amazing at this work, Spanner excelled in his teacher's school of graphic design and eventually left America in search of new things to interest him. Having always been interested in Japan (or more specifically, their gundams and mangas), Spanner decided to move to the country.

He set up a freelance practice in Japan until one of the country's biggest publishing companies took him in as one of their employees. This was the Millefiore. Spanner finds working for Millefiore interesting and productive, since the people there seem adept at being able to throw him interesting books and projects to do. He also had enough skill to be able to climb their ranks quickly. Currently, he's the head of Production for the Millefiore.

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Spanner is a fictional character from the series Katekyou Hitman Reborn! This account is a roleplaying journal for the Reborn AU RP reborn_biz. Sapnner is by no means the property of this player.
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